Friday, September 10, 2010

And......... Im finally able to log in to this blog to tell you i deleted my  tumblr site and have a new blogger site.

Reasons being:
1.I dont really get tumblr, which constrains any form of commenting/chatbox.
2.Reblogging. It is an excellent reason to be lazy and is slowly killing off any possible form of creative matter which ever exists or could ever exist in myself.
3.My old blogs have always been too deep and emo. I need to bid goodbye to the whiny teenager I was,quit blaming everything on morgan freeman and move on to be a proper adult (never REALLY going to achieve this- but at least the thought counts)
4. Maybe Im just too comfortable with blogger. besides, its new interfaces is pretty good!
5. Am just going to admit I am never really going to give up writing/ taking pictures.

So anyway, for chapter 2 - click here


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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Im trying to be as optimistic as a 22 year old should be. 
Please keep your jaded wisdom away from me thank you.

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Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Lately I have been thinking and worrying far too much for my own good. I suppose being idle for a month after several crazy months makes one more susceptible to conjuring imaginary drama out of the air.

Ok anyway enough of the deep stuff. Better snap out it. Dont want to end up alone with 27 cats and 3 hamsters. After all, still a believer that good thoughts and intentions attract good things:)

Ok random snippets of life in this last month or so.

Realized my neighbour's house has two astro dishes wtf :(

Yep still staying at same place with the shy shy boy and small small girl. Happy to say that the obscene noises they make while making out are much lesser now. Maybe its because we have a new housemate now- a boy who is even more (if possible) shyer than the shy shy boy. 

This one stares at your reflection on the floor while talking to you. @.@
Para lelaki, apakah dah jadi pada species kamu!

Went to Redang several weeks back (2nd time yay) 
Me trying (with very little effort) to look thai. I think I nailed it, thanks to ethic looking dress. 

 brought a rubber ducky to the beach! just for the sake of it :)

 Underwater cam (film) I bought in Sg wang at 39.9. Saw it at some blogstore going for 69.9 -____- ||
Unfortunately, forgot to buy film. Idoit.

Random toilet sign in Terengganu. wtf.

Super cute island kid who layaned me photographing his silly antics while his granny watched close by. hehe.


A dog named baby. Friend's. 
Came to a realization that toy poodles can look very chihuahua after getting shaved.

Came to another realization recently: I have scoliosis
This strange looking xray scan is mine.
Fortunately, nothing harmful about my condition. 
Just need to do some exercise and check up once every half year.

The bf. Am now on a personal mission to teach him to be a better ah beng by giving him mandarin lessons. Since his vocabulary of mandarin never really quite took off beyond swearwords + wo ai ni. haha.

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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Come what may.

Everyone has different priorities, goals and aspirations.But lets not get ahead of ourselves. Lets not get too obsessed about getting what we want. Best to know that some sacrifices are worth it while some are not.

For now, I want to decide on matters that just feels right now, at this chapter of my life. I just want to be the best person I could be.

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Thursday, May 27, 2010


Tumblr kenot beat blogspot la. Anyway Im here again :)

So how am I?

Currently, am not working. Back to studying. At least for the next one or two months. Final hurdle, one last assignment to finish. For the love of morgan freeman, I'd better pass this last subject.

Part time study is not fun, there were days where i spend hours staring at pc at work (minimum -8 hours), get stuck in stupid after 5pm traffic (-1 hour minimum) come back home, eat (- 0.5 hours) , crash (-1 or -2 hours), wake up at stare at the pc some more in vain attempt to finish my assignments. Always ended up doing not much and msning classmates with msgs like "why do we do this to ourselves T.T" *

And they solemnly reply: "La, fuck. Have no choice"

*Repeat process for as many days necessary to finish work.

But heck, its over. Am relishing my new found freedom. Have successfully survived 23 days (and counting) with a daily itinerary of : Lazing around.

(-4 four days because i was at redang doing what I pretty well- being a beach bum)

I wish holidaying is a fulltime profession.


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