And......... Im finally able to log in to this blog to tell you i deleted my  tumblr site and have a new blogger site.

Reasons being:
1.I dont really get tumblr, which constrains any form of commenting/chatbox.
2.Reblogging. It is an excellent reason to be lazy and is slowly killing off any possible form of creative matter which ever exists or could ever exist in myself.
3.My old blogs have always been too deep and emo. I need to bid goodbye to the whiny teenager I was,quit blaming everything on morgan freeman and move on to be a proper adult (never REALLY going to achieve this- but at least the thought counts)
4. Maybe Im just too comfortable with blogger. besides, its new interfaces is pretty good!
5. Am just going to admit I am never really going to give up writing/ taking pictures.

So anyway, for chapter 2 - click here